Making eldercare easier. 

Suzanne helps you navigate the murky waters of eldercare using organization and humor.

Eldercare is punctuated by emergencies. You can’t plan for those emergencies but you can be prepared.  How?

  • By being organized
  • By understanding how important advocacy is for elders, and
  • By learning the basics of what your elder might need ahead of time.
  • Plus (a critical plus!) – If you laugh your way through some of these tough topics, you’ll go a long way towards making your journey easier and more focused on care than frustration.

Adding eldercare to our already full plate of life’s responsibilities can be both challenging and frustrating. Suzanne has been there and has developed a practical approach to navigating those uncharted waters – she uses organization and humor.

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Want more? As The Eldercare Navigator, Suzanne blogs about timely topics in eldercare, keeping you headed in the right direction no matter where you are in the journey. Her blogs steer you through a spectrum of vexing subjects. You can learn what to do with their 80+ years of “treasures” as well as the best way to be prepared for an ER visit. You can even submit suggestions for a subject especially relevant to you. Go to the BLOG tab and subscribe now.

Want to hear Suzanne in person?  Suzanne speaks to audiences across the nation, from small private gatherings to keynote speeches. She both informs and entertains on a variety of eldercare topics. You’ll laugh, you’ll probably cry, but you’ll be certain that you’ve saved some marbles for tomorrow! Invite Suzanne to speak to your group or organization. Click here to learn more.

However you engage with her, Suzanne’s honest and refreshing approach will have you feeling more at ease and more capable of managing your own eldercare scenario, whether that’s today or years from now. Simply put, Suzanne makes eldercare easier.