Three Dominant Feelings When Caring for an Aging Parent

Are you responsible for the care of an aging parent?

I bet I can guess three things you are feeling right now.

  1. Overwhelmed
  2. Frustrated
  3. Alone

Well, first of all, you have a right to feel overwhelmed. You already have a life full of responsibilities and time commitments. How can you possibly fit this in as well – and, do a good job of it? Taking care of an aging parent (especially if they don’t live near you) is a big responsibility and requires a big chunk of time and attention.

Frustration comes from the fact that this is all new to you, or at least, a new area of caretaking that you haven’t faced before now. Learning curves are steep. Wasting time on learning what to do or who to call can be all you do for a while. Information is not readily available, not accessible in short reads or not pertinent to your situation.

Last, you are not alone. There are literally millions of us who are responsible for some amount of care of an aging parent. But, it feels lonely, doesn’t it? It feels like no one else has ever done this.

Get up from your computer and do a little jig! You have found the HOLY GRAIL (well, maybe I over exaggerate just a bit…).

My new book, How To Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles, is here to help save your sanity. It is short, covers the most vexing topics in eldercare, and helps you tackle your dilemma with both laughter and a feeling that you have some company on this journey.

See – that fixes all three of your issues up top – you now have some guidance on overwhelming topics, knowing how to tackle your dilemma eases your frustration and, now you know you are not alone – you have me (and the other millions too)!!

Quick – close the laptop, put the cover on your tablet, turn off the ringer on your phone. Get my book. Read it. Start to implement the suggestions. Subscribe to my blogs. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be ok – you will get through this and you’ll do it with smile on your face (even if it is a smirky smile!).

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