3 Ways to Stay in the Good Graces of Old People




Ever wondered what gifts to get our aging parents who don’t really need anything in particular?  After you scratch your head once or twice, read these tips for staying in their good graces after they open your gift.

“If I can’t eat it, drink it, or wear it, I don’t want it!” Those were my mom’s strict instructions on gift purchase to her family. Pretty clear, huh?

If you want to make your elder happy with your gift, I suggest that you follow my mother’s guidelines. You KNOW they don’t need any more treasures!

  • Oh how they love their fruit, chocolate, ice cream, pies, cakes, peanut brittle… So give them a big ol’ smile when they open their gift – give them something to savor! Better yet, give them a subscription to the “gift of the month club” for fruits, sweets, candies, pastries, etc. so they can think nice thoughts of you month after month. It has a ring to it, doesn’t it?
  • Do they still drink? You should have seen my grandmother with her “sleeping aid”, aka her wine. For a teetotaler, she sure could consume some sleeping aid. Well, if your elder still drinks alcohol, it’s a perfect gift! If they don’t, there are wonderful holiday teas and flavored coffees; even sparkling cider makes a festive occasion out of an ordinary drink.
  • Bling! It’s all the rage over 75! Seriously, most older folks enjoy receiving personalized gifts of jewelry, scented lotions and soaps, favorite cologne and specially selected clothing/footwear. Here’s the perfect place to give a holiday sweater or vest – assuming they’ll still talk to you afterwards!


  • This isn’t one of the choices from my mom, but it still is a great gift – the Flower of the Month. They can appreciate a different plant or flower from you several times a year. Something pretty to decorate their table as well as something wonderful to sniff and enjoy throughout the year. Again, you will stay on the top of the “Favorite” list.

OK, you can thank me now. Your gifts will be hits with the elders and you will remain in their good graces for a while longer! Just don’t let it go to your head, they can still take you down a notch when they want to…


3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Stay in the Good Graces of Old People”

  1. Great idea for fresh cut flowers! My mom would skip eating for a week just to keep buying her flowers. She LOVES them ( i guess they brighten her day).

    Thanks Suzanne!

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