Love has no age limit.

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day and most of you will be spending it with your sweethearts and children. Remember your elder would probably like some love too.

One of the cards that my mom has kept for years is a Valentine that I gave her. It reads: “Mom, you were my first Valentine.” It may sound a bit sappy, but it’s true. Your parents were your first Valentines.

On the day that we focus on our sweethearts, let’s remember that our parents probably would like some attention too. So, show them some LOVE – even if it is just to help them get their own celebration planned and gifts given.

Ways to help your parent celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • Ask your parent if they have been able to get Valentine cards. Do they need a ride to the store? Do they need stamps? Do they need you to mail something for them?
  • Are they planning on giving any gifts? Do they need your help to order something online? Do they need a gift mailed or delivered?
  • If they have a spouse, do they want help planning a special meal or making reservations for a special lunch/dinner or outing? Have they gotten the cards and flowers that they are planning to give?
  • Ask your kids to make a special call to their grandparents on Valentine’s Day, or better yet, go for a visit. Can they get your elders a card or even craft a handmade card for extra brownie points?
  • Visit your folks over the holiday weekend. Take them some candy or flowers. Do a chore or run an errand for them as a gift (remember, if they can’t eat, drink or wear it, they don’t want it). Flowers are an exception.

Most importantly, show them your love in a demonstrable way. They will love it and you will too. Remember, they were your first Valentines!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter.


2 thoughts on “Love has no age limit.”

  1. Thank you, Suzanne, for this reminder! I’ve never thought about my parents being my first Valentines, but that is so true! I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions, and I will most certainly acknowledge my love for them today on Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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