Surprise the Staff

I bet when you visit your elder, you take them something. Maybe it’s some fresh fruit, a flower from your garden, a new magazine, or even a slice of pie. You are now the most welcome person in their home.  

Well, while you’re loading up on goodies, load some for the staff who care for your parent.

Staff who care for the elderly are usually doing some of the toughest work anywhere.  They clean, they lift, they dress, they feed, they listen to stories over and over.  Maybe they just sit as a companion.  Whatever their tasks are, they are difficult and they are not usually fun.  Plus, their time with the elderly means less time with their own family on special occasions, holidays and weekends.

OK, now that I’ve gotten my little violin out for the care taking staff, I want you to remember that their pay is not on the same scale as health insurance or hospital CEOs.  Their bonuses have far fewer zeros before the decimal.

Factor all that together and you’ll know how much they will appreciate a kind gesture like a hot muffin, a box of cookies, a blooming posy, a latte or a card.  Find out what they like and surprise them.

I guarantee they’ll think you hung the moon.  At the very least, they’ll feel like you understand and appreciate the tough work that they do for your elders.

Go ahead.  Pull over the car at the next Dunkin Donuts, floral shop, Starbucks or fruit stand.  It doesn’t have to be big or expensive – it just has to be thoughtful.

The support staff loves treats too.  The front desk, the kitchen, housekeeping, the laundry team, the maintenance crew – they all work hard to support your elder.  Drop by with a treat now and then for them too.

Oh, and did I mention, this is a great way to build a line of communication, a new advocate or another person who can affect the care that your parent receives. A pretty good side benefit of doing something kind.

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