It’s Time for a Little Love

You’ve got cards, candy, flowers and a dinner reservation. I’ve got a couple of items to add to your list. Don’t forget to share some love with your elder and anyone who helps care for them.

Love for your elder:

They will still enjoy cards, a visit, maybe candy or flowers. My mom used to say – “if I can’t eat it, spend it, or wear it – don’t give it to me.”  Flowers and live plants were her one exception to that rule. These are the folks who were probably your first Valentines – make sure you show them some love.

Another way to show them some love is to help them with their own Valentine list. Your elder might not be able to easily get out to shop for cards or gifts. A bit of effort from you to either buy the cards and gifts for them or help them shop would be a HUGE gift to give them. They might need stamps or help addressing envelopes. They might need some assistance with delivering (or mailing) the cards and gifts.

Anything you can do to help them stay “in the game,” so to speak, where they are still participating in the holiday would be very appreciated.

Your elder may want to buy something for you. Let them do it!  You need some love too!

If you have a difficult elder, they may not be outwardly appreciative but the gesture will feel good to be doing on your part. Be kind anyway – as is often said. Or, buy them a tiny little prickly pear cactus. 😉

Love for your elder’s caregivers:

Spread the love generously in this group!!  These are folks that do the heavy lifting all year long. Say you love what they do by treating them to something special.

If your elder lives in a retirement, assisted living or nursing care community, remember the whole gang – the aides, the nurse, the kitchen staff, the activities team. A big bowl of fruit, a batch of cookies or a thank-you card are great ways to say thanks to a large group.

If you are a family member who is not directly involved in caregiving and there is a sibling or other family member that does the regular caregiving – this is the time to say THANK YOU & YOU ARE APPRECIATED, in a big way!

Some ideas –

  • Sweet treats
  • Balloons
  • Flowers or live plants
  • Gift card for manicure/pedicure/massage
  • Food delivery service (like HelloFresh or BlueApron)
  • Restaurant gift card (or take them to the restaurant yourself)
  • Paid day off

Specifically for family members who are primary caregivers:

  • Run errands for them
  • Offer to give them a caregiving holiday/respite where you take over while they rest or vacation.
  • Even if you can’t DO, say THANK YOU!

In this crazy, fast-paced world, we are tempted to just breeze right by this holiday when it comes to our elders and their caregivers. However, showing some love can mean the world to someone feeling lonely, sad or overworked.

Sending much love to you and yours this Valentine’s Day! 

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