It Takes A Village

Your elder’s care team is just that – a team. You are a part of that team, with the ability to make important contributions to your elder’s care.

Think and Drink

One of the most important elements of good health is drinking plenty of water. Many of us do not hydrate as much as we should; this is especially true for elders. How can we help them with hydration?

If It’s Time for Hospice – Here’s some Help

When someone tells you it’s time to call hospice for someone you love, it’s one of the toughest bits of news you’ll ever hear.  However, when you do get that news, you’ll still need good information.  Here are a few Read More …

Care Conferences are Critical during COVID

Not being with your elder means not being able to see with your own eyes if their care needs are being met and how well they are doing. Care Conferences (CC) are your best tool for checking on, requesting and Read More …

Refresh Your Vision to 20/20

A new year – 2020 – brings the opportunity to take another look at the reality of how your elders are doing. Enhancing your view of their reality – 20/20 views of the elders in your life.

Don’t Go The Distance

Moving your elders is a big decision – for all involved. Where? That one word encompasses so much. Whatever decisions are ultimately made – one thing is clear. It’s better for your elder to be nearer to you or someone Read More …

The Book Where You Look

When you need medical info for your aging parent, are you up to your elbows in paper and still not able to find what you need? Stop what you’re doing right now and put together a Medical Portfolio for each Read More …

The Caretaking Caregiver

There are many ways to be a family caregiver. Most people think of the traditional physical caregiving when the term “family caregiver” is used. However, there are other types of caregiving roles that family members can have

One a Day Keeps Stress at Bay

What is consistently felt by those of us caring for our elders? STRESS!! Eldercare lands in our lap like an elephant. It’s big, heavy and hard to ignore. We usually find that eldercare causes us to feel overwhelmed and our Read More …