Suzanne Asaff BlankenshipSuzanne’s experience with eldercare came the hard way – by doing it. Suzanne has spent the better part of two decades managing her mother’s care, as well as sharing the care for her in-laws. Suzanne found she wasn’t alone in her eldercare journey, or in her search for solutions. Wanting a better outcome for her elders and her own sanity, she developed tools for advocacy, organization and preparation that make eldercare easier. Suzanne’s guidance reduces the stress of eldercare responsibilities, while helping you find some relief through humor as well.




Suzanne leaves you with the confidence that you CAN do this and also have some laughs along the way.


Suzanne has spent her 20-year corporate career in marketing and customer service finding better, more effective solutions for her customers and clients. Suzanne has led and trained teams at The Coca-Cola Company, Bueno Foods, and Ogilvy & Mather, as well as her own consulting firm, Parkin & Blankenship. She has worked with diverse clients in a variety of industries from hospitality to technology, identifying creative and effective tools to improve their business.


You’ll find Suzanne’s guidance easy to follow, simple to implement, and stress-relieving. Suzanne speaks to audiences across the country, both in-person and virtually, sharing her wit and candor to help ease and enhance the caregiving journey.


From Texas originally, Suzanne now calls Colorado home. She is passionate about advocacy, the importance of family, and the need for balance in life. Humor is her favorite resource.


Reader Reviews


“Suzanne’s approach to such a difficult, though real, issue is wonderful and supportive. A must read for everyone!”


“Suzanne’s book is a wealth of useful information. The best kind of how-to book — written by someone who knows what’s she’s talking about.”


“There is no sense going through the difficult times of care giving without a friend and a guide… Suzanne will become both! I highly recommend this book!”


“Ms. Blankenship has done the near-impossible, tackling what is usually an unpleasant subject while making us laugh throughout. Her voice is that of a friend: sympathetic, experienced, supportive, and let’s-not-take-ourselves-too-seriously.”

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