Presentations & Speaking Topics



I’ve Got Your Back – Being an Effective Eldercare Advocate: A full 1-2 hours of training on the three primary areas of elder advocacy, including a Q&A session.

Making Eldercare Easier – Better Care, Less Stress: A 1 hour workshop full of tools, checklists and organizational tips. Participants leave feeling more capable and less overwhelmed with their eldercare responsibilities.


P.R.E.P.A.R.E. – A short 30-minute presentation on the importance of preparation prior to eldercare becoming an emergency.


Treasure Hunts – Sifting Through Decades of Treasures with a Purpose and a Plan: 30-45 minute presentation on the challenge of “downsizing” all of the belongings, treasures and personal property.

The 5 Sense Selection – Finding the Right Fit in a Care Community: 30-45 minutes of guidance on evaluating and selecting the right residential care community for your elder.


advocateDelivering Effective Eldercare While Employed – Suzanne developed a presentation called E.A.S.E. – Employee Assistance and Support in Eldercare™ that delivers practical advice for navigating the eldercare journey while also working full or part-time. Depending on the length of time available, this topic can be a 1 hour Lunch & Learn or up to 90 minutes with a Q&A session. Webinars are available for groups that do not work in the same locale. Companies are losing millions of dollars (and hours) in lost productivity when their employees are struggling to be an effective employee and a family member responsible for an elder’s care.

Other topics offered by Suzanne Blankenship:
Finding, Reviewing and Refreshing Critical Paperwork
Discussing a Vision for Care
How to Evaluate Supplemental Insurance Programs for the Best Fit
. . . and many more.