Speaking & Workshops

Sitting in a workshop with Suzanne is like being at your favorite family gathering. You will laugh, you might cry, and you will have so much in common that it will feel comforting and soothing. More than anything, you will leave feeling empowered to tackle the circuitous journey of eldercare with an organized approach and a positive state of mind.

The Eldercare NavigatorSuzanne takes the feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated by the responsibilities of eldercare and turns it into productive planning with useful tools and helpful checklists. Of course, there’s a heavy helping of humor too!

Suzanne’s goal as The Eldercare Navigator is to provide you with tips and coaching on the best ways to evaluate the intersections, the detours, and the blind curves in taking care of your elders.

successWith years of experience training groups and a natural ability to connect with her audience at a personal level, Suzanne is just the right speaker for your company, organization, club, or group.

Here are just a few of the topics that Suzanne can cover with your audience:

  • I’ve Got Your Back – The Critical Importance of Advocacy in Eldercare
  • Finding a Place to Park Them – Evaluating The Best Housing Options for Your Elders
  • Treasure Hunts – Sifting Through Decades of Belongings and Keepsakes with Purpose and a Plan
  • Getting Their House in Order – Finding, Reviewing, and Refreshing the Critical Documents in Eldercare
  • Driving the Bus – Using Planning, Preparation and Organization to Take the Driver’s Seat in Eldercare

Don’t see the topic you need? This is just the tip of the iceberg in her repertoire. Suzanne can develop a custom program for you.

Employers: Worried about the drain on employee productivity from time spent on eldercare? You should be. With 65% of caregivers reporting that they missed some work due to eldercare*, care responsibilities for aging parents and relatives can have a real impact on employee productivity. Proactive employers will want to provide their workers with tips and guidance to increase efficiency and limit drain on time spent doing eldercare.  Suzanne’s workshops are perfect for proactive employers and business organizations.

Suzanne has developed a series of Lunch & Learn presentations for those workers who are also responsible for their elder’s care.  The lunchtime programs will give employees tools, guidance, support and actionable steps to lessen their frustration and improve their efficiency in the role as family member responsible for an elder’s care. The lunch programs give employees needed resources without demanding more of their time outside of work.  The program is E.A.S.E – Employee Assistance and Support in Eldercare™. Contact Suzanne today to book your E.A.S.E series.

Book your group with Suzanne today. Send your name, group, desired topic and dates to Sharon Adams at Adams Communications AdamsComm1@aol.com or call 972-773-9289.


*Genworth’s Beyond Dollars survey, 2013