An award-winning Practical Guide to Eldercare that you can read in one night, leaving you with a smile on your face and an organized plan in your toolbox. You’ll have tools and tips that you can implement immediately to lighten your load and bring some relief to your journey.

Eighteen chapters full of guidance and checklists that cover the most common (and most vexing) topics in eldercare.  You won’t believe how much territory Suzanne covers in so few pages.  Plus, you’ll be wiping away tears of laughter while you make notes and digest the practical advice.

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These handy reference guides are an invaluable part of recording and tracking the details needed when caring for others. Each Navigator Note includes an example, instructions for use and a fillable form.
Only $5.00 each – Get Your Navigator Notes today!


Navigator Notes – Medical Appointment Information Sheet
Includes details for medications, health insurance, doctor contact information, and 10 tips for how best to use this information Sheet.

Navigator Notes – Fax for Doctor Visit
Includes details regarding medical appointments and working with the doctor’s office.

Navigator Notes: Care Conference Sheet
Includes details regarding all essential people meeting who are involved in the care of another.
Outlines goals, action items and status.