10+ Ways to Connect and Care During COVID-19

As our elders stay inside their homes, their apartments and their residential communities, we search for ways to connect with them as well as to make their lives and their care better. Here are 10+ ways to connect and care Read More …

Refresh Your Vision to 20/20

A new year – 2020 – brings the opportunity to take another look at the reality of how your elders are doing. Enhancing your view of their reality – 20/20 views of the elders in your life.

The Caretaking Caregiver

There are many ways to be a family caregiver. Most people think of the traditional physical caregiving when the term “family caregiver” is used. However, there are other types of caregiving roles that family members can have

Share the Care or Pull Out Your Hair

Many families will be gathering for the holidays. This is a perfect time to talk with your siblings about sharing the care for aging parents – before anyone loses more hair. Often, families are spread out geographically with one sibling Read More …

Time Out

Ever wonder why your elder gets so grumpy after a wonderful outing with you and your family?  They just had a great time!  We just had some family togetherness! Well, their time away from their home base may have exceeded Read More …